Stay Calm

Stay Calm


Tying a load on helped me go somewhere else. It got me outside of my own thoughts and took me to a place where responsibility wasn’t a priority.

That’s not an option anymore. It’s crucial that I find ways to cope with those times when I have the urge to escape from whatever it is that’s got me feeling all squirrelly.

I can’t control the whole world. I share this place with lots of other people. I realize space is limited. It’s impossible to not be affected by a wide variety of attitudes and points of view.

When I am responsible, I give myself a chance to think more clearly about what’s going on. Recognizing this keeps me present and accountable. I can guide my own thoughts and behavior. Not everything has to be a reaction to what someone else has done.

Once I start worrying about what other folks say and do, I’m projecting into the future. If I feel sorry for myself because of something that’s already happened, I am stuck in the past.

It’s important that I try and focus on right now. I can deal with my emotions and push through those uncomfortable moments. I want to stay connected to myself and maximize my sense of calm. So I don’t get flustered and do something I’ll regret.

* Artwork by Diego Fernandez

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