The Details Of Which Are As Follows…

The Details Of Which Are As Follows…

I was the one who wanted the second dog, a sibling for the first. At least, that’s the angle with which I approached my husband – the importance of family.

“She looks so lonely,” I said to Dave.

“But she’s not,” he replied.

And as much as they love her, the kids weren’t all that anxious to add even more doody to the piles of doody they’re already picking up. Sure, it’s a funny word, but let’s be honest. Doody is sobering.

“Mom, things are fine just the way they are.” Desmond was particularly insistent. “What’s gonna happen when we leave for college? Two dogs will be more than you can handle.”

“Son, college is like five years away.”

“The time goes fast, though. I’ll be gone before you know it.”

I read somewhere that animals cannot embrace new information until the specifics are physically introduced into their lives. They’re not equipped to appreciate changes to their environment before said environment is actually changed.

For example, I told Zerega that Jesco was coming.

“Soon, you will have a baby brother. And he will be your favorite friend.”

As I spoke, she listened intently for key words, like “cookie” and “supper.”

Beyond that, she was completely disinterested.

Invisible Feeling

Invisible Feeling


Right now is the minute for me.

I am reasonably comfortable.
This feels like a pretty nice minute.

Another will be along shortly.

Here it is now… And there it goes.
How lucky! Two good ones in a row.

Little packages of unrepeatable time.

I try to receive them well,
And simply let go when they are done.

Ha! Like there’s ever a choice.

* Artwork: Invisible Feeling by Shiori Matsumoto

School Days

School Days


When I was a young girl, I got decent grades… until I started drinking and getting high. After that, school was stupid. I couldn’t wait to be free, so I could do whatever I wanted.

Today, I am grateful for meetings, reading and service work. These simple activities help me feel like I’m dong my homework.

I enjoy being a good student! I guess I always did.




When I focus on something, I’m leading my mind in a specific direction, where life will be impacted by the decisions I make. Wow. What a trip.

But sometimes, I don’t realize I’m going the wrong way. And even if I do, my pride prevents me from stopping the vehicle. People, trees and buildings keep whizzing past, and I just continue on. I can get hopelessly lost before I know it.

Having God along for the ride is smart planning. Because even though I’m responsible for my future, not everything’s gonna proceed as outlined on the map. There will still be disappointments and bumps in the road. Weather conditions and potential car trouble.

God is the ideal companion. He is level-headed and knows exactly where I’m going. He takes up virtually no space. When I include Him in my thoughts and actions, the smallest things become more meaningful.

“Take a look at that sky,” he might suggest. “Isn’t it something?”

“Did you notice how pleasant that clerk in the gas station was?”

“Why don’t you let those kids cross the street first? We’re not in that big a hurry.”

My journey can be a beautiful experience. And there’s never a reason for me to travel alone.

* Artwork: Custom Steering Wheel by John Clemmer