Breaking The Moon

Breaking The Moon

This afternoon, I took my family to see a fabulous show entitled “Breaking The Moon.” Written by Amy Steinberg, the story takes place in a facility for at-risk teens. The subject matter addressed is the kind of stuff that generally makes mothers and dads uncomfortable. Because it’s so heavy.

Dark issues like bullying, self-harm, rape and suicide – emotionally charged situations that no loving parent wants to see his or her children struggle with. But these things are happening in our kids’ lives. Young adulthood can be such a wild, hysterical ride, and everyone involved needs to hang onto something bigger than themselves.

Perhaps it’s faith, friendship or simply a forced exchange among troubled peers in a lockdown facility…
12822916_10153371517201722_1021429392_oMy sons are twelve and thirteen years old. They are newcomers on the road to self-discovery. In fits and starts, they are becoming painfully aware that they have feelings. So often, these feelings are powerful and downright confusing.

It is my hope that as these boys mature physically, they can handle what’s happening on the inside, as well. Despite frustrations and disappointment, they need to learn how to cope. To love and help each other. So they can survive and ultimately thrive.

Breaking The Moon got my attention and kept it, for a variety of reasons. The conversations expressed made me think about my own tumultuous journey into growing up. I also couldn’t help but realize what a big responsibility it is to raise children in this modern world, knowing what I know and what I don’t.

The music performed by Amy, with Mark McColl on drums and Tricia Osterberger on guitar, was absolutely brilliant. Each song was lovely, brave and significant. The actors, marvelous.

If you have the chance to see this wonderful show, do it. The characters are rich and full. The message is so important.


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