Another List

Another List

In writing class, the prompt was to make a list of all the people you love.

This is gonna be easy, I thought. And long. I love so many people!

I put Dave first on the list. And then, the boys – Kirin, Desmond and Bro, in age order.

Perhaps I should bump Kirin up to the top. We’ve known each other the longest. I put an asterisk next to him with an arrow.

But in fairness, my husband has been through the most. Surely, he deserves a little something special for all these years of devoted service. I was gonna say abuse,’ but I suppose it hasn’t been that bad.

I draw a smiley face next to his name with a heart and an exclamation point. Plus an arrow, only going in the opposite direction from Kirin’s.

It’d be nice if I had a yellow highlighter, but I can never find one when I need it. The kids use them for school, they don’t replace the caps properly, and the ink dries up. I end up throwing a few away every time I open the drawer where we keep the pens.

If they ask, which I can’t imagine they will, I’ll just be honest and say the list goes from shortest to tallest. Which, so far, is the truth when you think about it. But they don’t think like I do so they probably won’t notice.

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